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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Standing Proud

Standing Proud

2018 - Art Winner

Kane Pendry

Edmonton, AB
Age 15

Author's Statement

After reading all the descriptions of the previous artwork submissions I was captivated by the stories woven into the artists pieces and was inspired, to one day, write one equally as wonderful as the fruitful culture of the native americans, and to create artwork to provoke change towards the healing towards them after the atrocities brought upon them. I’ve always loved reading the ingenious stories of the people before me and would love to write one myself to inspire generations beyond to awaken the benevolent actions of the future change makers. But, here before you is a painting with no story, as I have no story to tell. I was born and raised in Edmonton with no sense of cultural attachment except the European way of life put before me. I was oblivious as to what my heritage was as my parents and grandparents experienced the same, which left me to assume I was like the rest of my peers: European. Out of all the existing cultures, the least likely that I would presume as being mine would be the cultures first to inhabit North America. I first came across my heritage after being randomly assigned a culture to research in fourth grade, who knew the culture assigned to me would be a part of me. To this day I strive to learn more about the fascinating ways of my historical family but, still I am ignorant to their ways. That is why I depicted the Native American in my painting blind since I have no vision of my culture or anyone of my family to show me it. In fourth grade I was assigned to research about the Métis and I’m still on the journey to immerse myself into their teachings. I am proud to be recognized as Métis and will always will be.