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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Bear at the Lake

Bear at the Lake

2018 - Art Winner

Tyson Moxam-Gosselin

Winnipeg, MB
Age 9

Author's Statement

I chose courage because I have had to be brave in my life.

When I was seven I cut my hand on a sharp nail. I was trying not to cry – I told my mom. She wrapped a tensor bandage and we went to the hospital and I got 4 stitches.

When I was eight someone hurt me and I told an adult.

When I was nine I stepped on a nail and it got lodged in my heel. I just pulled it out myself. Also when I was nine my cousin was being mean to me and I had had enough of being scared. So I stood up for myself and I told him to stop.

I learned that in the Seven Sacred Teachings the bear represents courage and bravery. I think I am brave now and I will need to be brave for other challenges that come in my life.

I followed the Woodlands artists. They gave me and my buddy Tristan a few ideas. They showed us the inside of the bodies and the connecting lines that represent life.