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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Poundmaker


2012 - Art Winner

Kelly Duquette

Atikokan, ON
Age 17

Author's Statement

I chose to do a mixed media piece of Poundmaker, therefore, what he stood for… a peacemaker. He exemplified the teaching of courage by standing up for what he believed was right despite the overwhelming government forces to create submissiveness.
The photo that I used of Poundmaker in the piece was very gallant, which even further illustrates his character and shows him as a proud, formidable being. I wanted to show this strength in my art. There were many aspects of life that had been lost. Aboriginal culture was ridiculed and shamed for many years. My family is just starting to learn about our rich, Metis heritage, which had been hidden away by our ancestors who were trying to fit into a European society.
There are still many issues and rights that we have to defend due to misunderstandings. I sometimes feel it in school and through our Metis council.
Recreating Poundmaker’s image helps up to remember and learn from our past, so that everyone will be encouraged to stand up for what is right and so others will respectfully listen. Then we will be heeding the message of our peacemaker…to walk in the path, instead of sitting beside it.