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Indigenous Arts & Stories - "Woman Praying to Tree Of Life and Nature's Inner Light"

"Woman Praying to Tree Of Life and Nature's Inner Light"

2017 - Art Winner

Brent Hardisty

Massey, ON
Age 27

Author's Statement

Hello my name is Niiwin Binesi / Four Birds of the Mkwa Doodem / Bear Clan, I'm from beautiful Sagamok Anishnawbek. Brent Hardisty is the name I was given at birth, I paint in the traditional Woodland / Legend style of painting. I first got into art seriously 12 years ago in high school learning graffiti from an older peer of mine. I was fully involved in the entire creative process early on such as designing letter schemes and playing with unorthodox colour combinations. I continued that form of art for quite sometime and gained quite a following for my work and also was privileged too learn from older Toronto graffiti writers as result of that process. This lead into muralism which through time taught me crucial aspects of a professional artistic career, such as the business aspect and the act of creation itself. Upon returning home too Sagamok with my wife and then 16 month old son, I decided too embark on a transition into a better way of living. Which is a process like all things, it took time and wasn't with out its own inherent faults. Eventually I was lucky enough too have came back from a rather disastrous trip too Toronto where I painted a mural in a very poor mental state. I had this notion right after job was over that I had needed too return home immediately, ironically enough it was as though a little birds told me to go home. A robin flew down and visited me after I had placed an offering of tobacco, then i knew I had to go home. Upon returning home my friend came too get me and informed me about sweats and spring ceremonies that were taking place and we both went the next morning too those ceremonies. I was very blessed too have been gifted a name during ceremony which healed me very much. Those four days of ceremony were so special and I thank the creator for bringing all these good things too me at the right time. I started painting these woodland images shortly afterwords and continue too since those ceremonies last may. Woman praying too tree of light and natures light, is the title of the submitted painting. Notice the breath of life coming from her mouth into the tree, woman have this strength of growth just like the tree itself. Miigwetch