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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Medicinal Healing

Medicinal Healing

2016 - Art Winner

Megan Benoit

Surrey, BC
Age 17

Author's Statement

Megan Elizabeth Benoit is a seventeen year old Metis student attending Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary, which resides in the small township of Cloverdale. Throughout her studies, she has been given the opportunity and honour to explore the aboriginal side of her ancestry. She’s visited places such as Sechelt, subsequently viewing their beautiful artwork, as well as travelling to Quebec where she got to experience diverse bands and their customs. She finds glee in discovering interesting facts about her family’s history; she sincerely hopes that one day she may experience more of her distant culture, and see it showcased in a light and respect worthy of its beauty.

This piece of art, done with acrylic and ink on canvas, is an abstract interpretation of the Medicine Wheel. While one cannot erase the turmoil and pain that the aboriginal people have experienced, and still experience to this day, one can attempt to sew it back together through reconciliation. The medicine wheel represents four main concepts; physicality, emotionalism, mentality and spirituality. These core concepts have been tarnished, and they will never be the same as before. But one can hope that eventually it will heal, leaving only a scar, instead of the gaping gash left within the culture.