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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Overshadowing Identities

Overshadowing Identities

2013 - Art Winner

Emma-Love Cabana Boucher

Saskatoon, SK
Age 18

Author's Statement

My piece is called Overshadowing Identities and was inspired by Idle No More. To me, this movement has been a strong reminder of identity. It is about encouraging people to stand up for who they are, and what they believe in.

As a child, I grew up in a dominantly Caucasian/European culture. My Métis identity was never vibrantly explored, but always in the shadows. It was only recently that I began to realize the importance that acknowledging my ancestry held. When I began trying to bring my ancestry to light, people were surprised and some were even dismissive. Despite my efforts to try and highlight being Métis as an important part of my identity, some people still ridiculed, or accused, me of having ulterior motives. This only further marginalized my ancestry. However, the determination shown in Idle No More has encouraged me to continue incorporating Métis heritage into my life.

Overshadowing Identities is representative of the journey I am taking to understand my identity as a Métis woman. It serves to show how much more beautiful and vibrant it is to work together, rather than oppose one another. It is an echo of my experience with identity; indicative of my own view, as well as the shape I have seen it take through others views.

What I have not been able to express in words is detailed through the piece’s colours and juxtaposition.