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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Four Direction Fancy Dancer

Four Direction Fancy Dancer

2012 - Art Winner

Jordan Stranger

Winnipeg, MB
Peguis First Nation
Age 23

Author's Statement

Using the inspiration gained from my first success; selling my first art piece, I embarked on a braver, more structured creation. The piece that I submitted was done in understanding of my views on our First Nation people. As a former Grass Dancer I learned the beauty of First Nation dance in Pow-Wow and with that I thought I should show it through my perspective.

The image is of a Fancy Dancer in full regalia. They are known for their fast paced movements and colorful dress and have been a part of Pow-Wow’s since its creation. The colors of the dancers regalia represent four races of people; Red, Yellow, Black and White. He also uses the Four Directions as his guide; North, East, South and West. The four directions are believed to be the guidance of all people. Through experiencing and understanding my culture traditionally or in pow-wow I have gained knowledge to better ground myself as a person.

As a Sun Dancer, it is my job to remember the teachings I have been given. Love, Courage, Humility, Wisdom, Honesty, Truth and Respect. I try my best to apply them to everyday life and in my work. My creations are examples of what I carry as a sun dancer, and are a part of the foundation I have made for myself.