Indigenous Arts & Stories - Lost Without It

Lost Without It

2019 - Writing Winner

"I don't feel afraid. I know Creator is the one guiding me, because, he’s answered my prayers."

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Preston Gabriel

Oliver, BC
Osoyoos Indian Band/Penticton Indian Band
Age 12

Author's Statement

My piece is based on a person who has a deep connection with their culture because they are interested in it and want to learn more about it. They become so caught up in their culture that they become very knowledgeable.


Lost Without It

The beat running through my body, the ancestor’s songs filling my ears. The moccasins beads jumping to the sound of the beat, while the earth shakes from the drumming. I see my ancestors all around, some drumming and some dancing along with me. The moon coming out of its hibernation to guide our spirits through the night. The scent of earth filling the air. Many laughs are heard, but I do not care. This is my culture, my home. Without it we are lost and not guided, our lives fall apart, we lose ourselves. The touch of the feathers in my hair soothe me and give me the blood of my ancestors who danced on this ground before me. I feel free, like a bald eagle soaring through the night. The song stops, my heart pounding in my chest as I breathe deeply. I stand there, waiting for the next song to fill the world, my blood, my home and my heart. I pray to Creator that my ancestors will guide me and comfort me when things get hard. Soon an eagle passes above and takes my prayers to Creator. The songs start again, the beat taking over my senses, making my feet dance along without controlling my movements. I close my eyes, the fur wrapping around my long braids. I feel like I'm flying. I open my eyes to see I’m lifting up. I don't feel afraid. I know Creator is the one guiding me, because, he’s answered my prayers.