Indigenous Arts & Stories - The Great Grandmother Spirit

The Great Grandmother Spirit

2018 - Writing Winner

Bryan Bruno

Edmonton, AB
Maskwacis, Alberta
Age 9

Author's Statement

My name is Bryan Tony Bruno, and I am 9 years old in grade 4 from maskwacis Alberta which is my original community where my family is from. But I live in Edmonton Alberta and go to school here in the city. The story I wrote is based on a story that happen to my brother while he was in daycare I changed the names around and called my brother Chad Jacob and used my sister middle name to play my Mom. What really happen was my 5 year old brother ran away from his daycare teachers while he was in daycare and my mother rushed over as soon as the daycare called her saying my brother ran away and they lost him. My mother was so scared and started to cry because she thought she lost my brother forever.She stopped to pray to Creator to help keep my bother safe and to let him be found. But right after she prayed for my brother she got a call saying he was found she was so happy and thankful the Creator helped keep my brother safe and answered her prayer.I wrote the story different but it was based on a true event that did happen to my little brother. I wrote this story because I wanted readers to know how powerful praying to the Creator is when you feel sad or need help and how praying can work. I smudge and pray everyday for other people my family and myself. My kokum and my mother alway teach me how important it is to smudge and pray to the Creator everyday.


The Great Grandmother Spirit

One day a boy name Jacob went for a walk one afternoon with his older sister Kay-Lynn. The sun was shining over Jacob and Kay-Lynn, it was the first day of spring. The snow was melting and the birds were singing and the clouds were moving. Kay-Lynn and Jacob decided to leave the trail and walk down to the river and Jacob let go his sisters hand and ran away so fast she could not catch him. In minutes she lost her little brother Jacob. Kay-Lynn started to panic and yell for him to come back. But Jacob did not listen. Kay-Lynn started to cry because she thought her little brother was lost forever. Jacob went down to the water behind the bush, Jacob started to get scared because he realized he was all alone and his sister was gone. Jacob left the riverside and went back on the trail to look for his sister. Kay-Lynn was searching for help, Kay-Lynn could not find anyone to help her. She then stopped and started to pray to the Creator and Grandmother Spirit. She asked Grandmother Spirit to help her find her little brother Jacob. She started to walk down the trail and seen the sky go dark with big bright colors. She never seen the sky look so beautiful. She then seen Grandmother Spirit in the sky, Grandmother Spirit told Kay-Lynn to follow her, so she did. Grandmother Spirit said I am her to help you find your little brother Jacob. Kay-Lynn listened to Grandmother Spirit and trusted her while she followed her down the long dark trail. All of a sudden the sun started to shine so bright in her eyes and Grandmother Spirit was gone just like that. When Kay-Lynn looked again she seen her brother Jacob down the trail. Jacob was crying and started to run to his older sister Kay-Lynn, he was so happy to see his sister again. Kay-Lynn felt the same way and hugged Jacob so tight that he giggled. Jacob told Kay-Lynn i'm so sorry for running away I promise to never do it again. Kay-Lynn said do you promise and Jacob said a promise is a promise sister i'll never do it again. Kay-Lynn couldn't help to think about Grandmother Spirit and how she helped her find her little brother by praying to the Creator and Grandmother Spirit. Kay-Lynn prayed again but this time it was to say thank you for keeping her brother safe and helping her find her way to him. From that day on whenever Kay-Lynn felt lost or needed help she would pray to Grandmother Spirit and she would be there with her always in spirit to help her find her way.