Indigenous Arts & Stories - The Boy with the Braid

The Boy with the Braid

2017 - Writing Winner

The next day, Smiling Wolf wore a powerful t-shirt. It read “Bullying Stops Here”. His long weenessisee had been teased and he does not want any other child, boys in particular, to be ashamed of having long hair.

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Berlinda Mclaren

Sturgeon Falls, ON
Long Point First Nation
Age 26

Author's Statement

My book was inspired by my son's bravery. After being teased at school, he approached me and shared his episode of schoolyard bullying. He was confused and shaken, I comforted him with a warm hug and a small reminder of how special his hair really is and that no one has any right to make him feel bad about his hair especially if he has pride in it.

The relatable story of the little boy with long hair standing up to the bullies by sharing his culture, rather than hiding his culture, always seemed like a good story. One day, after learning how simple it is to make story books, I took the time to create this children's book so my son will always have a story of his own. The book is intended to be shared with a young audience. It can be read by a teacher or a parent to promote inclusivity and cultural awareness of Ojibway culture. The questions at the end of the storybook are meant to further explore the themes of inclusivity and cultural awareness.


The Boy with the Braid