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Indigenous Arts & Stories - The Crying Girl

The Crying Girl

2019 - Art Winner

Patience Woodford

Fairford, MB
Pinaymootang (Fairford, Manitoba)
Age 12

Author's Statement

My drawing is about how non-aboriginal people called us bad names that made us feel selfish and sad about ourselves. The reason why her eyes are covered with a black block is because she lost her family and how she couldn't say goodbye . She wants to erase the names and the violent foster homes she has went to. The girl in my drawing is crying because she wants to see her family again all the words in the back round are the names she was called and how was treated bad when she was in foster care. She was treated the same in school and she got bullied for her skin color whenever she would go to public places. She would get stared at, pointed at and laughed at. She felt like she was out of place and not welcomed every where .When she went for walks she felt darker than everybody walking past her.She would wish to see her family but it never comes true she never got to visit them or see them it was like no one was buy her side. She felt alone in a world that she was out of place in.