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Indigenous Arts & Stories - We are all related

We are all related

2019 - Art Winner

Noah Lorusso

Bancroft , ON
Eagle Village First Nation Kipawa
Age 17

Author's Statement

A series of multi-colored shapes and characters burst from the bottom right of the piece, and burst out into larger characters, shapes, props, etc.

At the top of the piece is a character with some very lazy-looking eyes, with giant dreadlocks. One side of his dreadlocks are long and purple, the other side is slightly shorter cut and blue. His skin is a cool red and purple.

Surrounding this piece is a bunch of floating colored blobs. These were added because I kept smudging ink across my page, so, I added a bunch of these floating colorful blobs. I do think they’re a tad overkill, but they look a lot better than a bunch of nasty fingerprints.

I chose to make this piece because I’ve recently been watching an artist on YouTube that goes by the name, “Vexx,” who does a lot of amazing graffiti work, and also a lot of these “graphic sheet,” pieces. I loved how carefree and beautiful they were, so, I decided I was going to do a piece inspired by him.

As I worked I naturally shifted to the idea that everything was getting bigger as it went on, this could’ve been a bit of laziness in not wanting to colour a bunch of tiny doodles, but I think the direction I went in was the right one.

This piece has been the largest scale piece I’ve ever worked on. I am blown away at how far I’ve come in my skill, and I’m incredibly excited to see how much farther I can go with it.