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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Queen over Democracy

Queen over Democracy

2014 - Art Winner

Mercedes Sandy

Christian Island, ON
Beausoleil First Nation
Age 18

Author's Statement

Since the time the settlers arrived in North America, First Nation People have been controlled and positioned under the government; Canada today is still influenced by British rule, despite being a separate country since 1867. Though Canada is a free land and everyone has the right to do what they will. It is not the case for First Nations. Canadians are made to believe that all those who live in Canada have free will. Only to be derived by propaganda.

In First Nation culture, women are the leaders in the community and are as important as the male roles within the culture. Conversely, the Queen is a very significant figure leader towards the British society. We must ask ourselves, which one is the better leader. Do we determine this by their race, class, clothing, beauty; this is something that cannot be determined by looks but only measured by their actions. Even though natives and Britain live different lives; why must one women or race be treated different than the other? Anyone can sit on a chair and call themselves a queen, however not many people can live off the land, support an entire community and respects all walks of life.

She sits on her throne, without any effort, she controls the flora and fauna, she believes she is the good ruler, as she hides her face with the mask of propaganda; her only true identity is the Queen over democracy.