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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Traditional


2013 - Art Winner

Jordan Stranger

Winnipeg, MB
Peguis First Nation
Age 24

Author's Statement

For this piece in particular I chose to illustrate the cleansing of the earth through the winter season. In my culture it is considered to be a time of cleansing, when the earth goes through a change, a period of preparation for the new coming year.
As illustrated, the Traditional Dancer is cleansing the earth with his tool; the Eagle Fan, which is used as a healing tool in many Aboriginal cultures. The regalia he wears represents the winter season and how cold and sharp it can be, but yet still be beautiful and elegant. With winter being a frigid season his Staff is what guides him through it.
The Staff or Eagle Staff also has a major significance in Aboriginal culture. The Traditional Dancers staff represents the summer season to come. It keeps him reminded of why he is the caretaker of Pipon (Winter) and what his purpose is for the next transformation of the earth and season; Sîkwan (Spring) and Nîpin (Summer).
I hope with the way I chose to represent Winter as a season, it will help people understand why many aboriginal cultures believe in the great importance of the earth, its spirit and purpose – to always protect it. Thank you. Kinanâskomitin.