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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Red Jacket...Red Skin...Let's Celebrate the War of 1812

Red Jacket...Red Skin...Let's Celebrate the War of 1812

2012 - Art Winner

Brandan Wilson

Copper Cliff, ON
M'Chigeeng First Nation
Age 14

Author's Statement

My name is Brandan Wilson. I am a grade 8 student at St.Benedict in Sudbury, Ontario. The two pictures are of my younger brother Phoenix. He is representing how so many of our people became soldiers fighting for other countries but not our own. One picture is to portray Phoenix as a "red coat" warrior, fighting for the "mighty" British in front a church that will eventually save his soul as he fights for his life and land that belongs to noone but to all.

The other picture is of Phoenix in front of a home that he will fight for again, again as a British red coat. It is dark and blurry…this to represent how our people were and still are viewed..fleeting,disposable and in the shawdows. A humble warrior that is ready to fight for beliefs that are not his.