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Indigenous Arts & Stories - Beyond


2011 - Art Winner

Charleen Watt

Kuujjuaq, QC
Kuujjuaq Community
Age 26

Author's Statement

Hello, my name is Charleen Watt from Kuujjuaq, Quebec. I am currently in Inukjuak, studying Desktop Publishing and saw this challenge. I have made many pieces of art that came to my mind but only one, have reached the guidelines. This piece of art that has the theme of my culture of Inuits, it’s a photomontage blended in an illustration of an Inuits face with her parka’s hood up. The images in the details represent a lot of my people’s cultures beyond just her face. The Inuit don’t stop at the families but continues to the communities. Bonding more openly, helping each other like common sense. We connect too with the nature, taking from the land with lots of respect. As for physical demands like hunting, fishing, Inuit sports, dancing, singing and even sewing.

Teaching the younger generation from the older ones. Teaching arts in prints or carvings, that is still taught in workshops today. Like Kuujjuaq, there are many programs for the youth to learn to use their spare time to enjoy their talents and show the world when they get to travel. Opening their views to wider then just their community. This is my piece of art I’d like to share.